I am Erick Centeno Oblitas, I was born in Perù, but now I live in Genoa (Italy)

Art has always been close to me because of my father , he has always been my reference , he used to do  drawings for me and taught me how to make them (mostly sketches and dancing figures made only by lines ) going ahead with the years had become a hobbie for me  , everything  changed for me when I moved from Peru to Italy in 1999 , I devoted mostly to the study ( first as computer technician and then business administration at the university ) . Until I rediscover the passion for art recovering first drawings I did with my father , creating something that made me feel better , now the art is part of my daily life
I have become more careful about what surrounds me and I have constantly ideas that turn me on head for example when I walk on the streets or when I see the movies, so i know i can still improve my technique by finding more inspirations , perfecting my style with the practice and exploration of new forms of art .

When I draw I’m feel good and relaxed , I disconnect myself from many things ,
at first I always have an idea that runs through my head, not just think about the subject to be drawn but how I should do and what tools to use , all this  create an expectation and I’m not quiet until i start to make the first lines on paper , many times the artwork I do not like it but I learned to finish it anyway, you can learn so much trying to fix something that you do not like

My inspiration

My first inspiration is my father, he has always tried to create something different and not just stop at one conventional style trying new ways to make art , trying different materials and surfaces on which to experiment and draw pictures taken by the imagination , my road is still long , but this is the path that I am following , especially I like the portraits with great contrast and sharp expressions , are attracted to moving images , for example dancers , sports etc. there are great artists who develop their skills in this field I also learned to appreciate other types of art and learn about different artists like me .

On the other hand I like to experience digital art by adding colors or effects , creating a fusion with some works made by hand .

My style evolved in time, I started to make realistic drawings with pencils, and then I was attracted by the scribble technique.

Now I realize my work as a fusion between the traits that denote the real characteristics which then beyond the conventional limits forming strips of movement and that somehow escape from reality.

Family values ​​and the people who will always stand by me are the basis and my strength to keep going.


– Biennale Genova 2019 “Dancing Heart” up-and-coming prize.

– Design and Fly 2019 Volotea event with Showusyourtype.

– Art Expo 2018 , 5^ Contemporary art exhibition in Genoa.

– International contemporary art exhibition, Italy 2017 Satura art Gallery.

– Spoleto arte incontra Venezia 2016, Contemporary art exhibition in Venice – Italy
Curators: Vittorio Sgarbi, Elena Gollini

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